Tor Arne Jørgensen is a member of 50+ high IQ societies including World Genius Directory, NOUS High IQ Society, and 6N High IQ Society just to name a few. Tor Arne was also in 2019, nominated as The World Genius Directory 2019 Genius of the Year – Europe. He is the only Norwegian to ever have achieved this honor. Tor Arne has also been a contributor to the Genius Journal Logicon, in addition to been published in winone.iqsociety phenomenon issue 21, furthermore contributed with interviews to In-Sight journal with Scott Jacobsen at the helm numerous times with regards to both individual and group interviews. He has also been interviewed in issue 2 of Deus Vult for Catholiq high iq society and lastly now soon out two podcast interviews with Jason Grant and much more.

Futher being the creater of, were he is the designer of several HR-tests of both verbal/numerical varient. Tor Arne has an bachelor`s degree in history and a degree in Practical education, he works as a teacher within the following subjects: History, Religion, and Social Studies.