Jo Christopher M. Resquites

Licensed Agricultural and Biosystems Engineer

Professional Society memberships:

1. Professional Regulation Commission (PRC)

2. Philippine Society of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineers (PSABE)

Author of the following tests:

1. Resquites Wide Range Test of Fluid Intelligence (RWRTFI)

2. Resquites Universal Genius Test (RUGT)

3. Resquites Universal Fluid Intelligence Test (RUFIT)

4. Published article of RWRTFI and RUGT at ISPE Telicom journal.

Poet and Theorist

1. Infinity – Poem published at ISPE Telicom journal.

2. Reality – Poem published at ISPE Telicom journal.

3. The Universal Theory of Origin and Beyond the Universe (Working on Proof).

High IQ Societies Membership

1. Direct International Member (DIM) – Mensa International

2. Lifetime Member – Poetic Genius Society (PGS)

2. FSPE rank – International Society for Philosophical Enquiry (ISPE)

3. Full Member – KSTHIQ Society

4. Olympian Member – OLYMPIQ Society”

Advanced Civilization Geniuses